Google Marketing




Type of Advertising we are offering

Keyword ads

  • Ads by keyword
  • Cost effective
  • More cheaper
  • Can have more than 3 ads with many keyword for each of ads
  • real estate is a keyword



Display ads

  • Ads been shown in popular website in Malaysia ( kosmo online, harian metro online, NST online, Utusan Online and many more)
  • Can be targeting by news article or by website url
  • High traffic
  • Price will be slight higher





Banner ads

  • Ads been shown to popular website in Malaysia
  • Per click quite higher
  • Minimum cpc is RM0.80 per click
  • User only been charged when people click the banner ads
  • High traffic
  • More attractive with animated banner ads
  • Can be targeted by keyword or url




Youtube ads

  • When should I use it?Use this format when you have video content you’d like to promote before short- or longform videos on YouTube and the Google Display Network.
  • How does it work? After five seconds, the viewer has an option to skip the ad.
  • Where will the ads appear?TrueView in-stream videos can appear on YouTube Videos (Watch pages on YouTube) and on video publisher pages in the Google Display Network (includes YouTube).
  • How will I be charged?For videos 30 seconds or longer, you’ll be charged when the viewer reaches the 30 second point of the video. For videos shorter than 30 seconds, you’ll be charged when the viewer completes the video.




  • Apps for company
  • Have detail about company, catalog, facebook, form, contact us, map and many more.
  • Currently only for android
  • Payment method is monthly



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